Czech Hunter: The Hottie From The Train Station

Category : Czech Hunter

The Czech Hunter cameraman met an absolutely amazing young man in the metro train station this week. He took a ride with him, and he didn’t seem to mind him tagging along and filming him. They talked about modelling and part time jobs, about a need for cash … and soon the conversation was going right direction. By the time they got off a subway the cameraman knew this lad was ready and knew what was about the happen! They took a bus to his place, and during the ride he even showed off his cock and started to jerk the cameraman’s fat uncut cock off! Later they really got down to it, cock sucking and bareback fucking … and it all finished with a beautiful cum facial all over his handsome face!

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Sean Cody: Rowan and Porter

Category : Sean Cody

Hot on the tail of his recent shoot with Atticus, Rowan is back to bareback fuck another Sean Cody favourite, the deliciously handsome Porter. See these two hot young men suck cock, rim arseholes and then watch as Rowan pounds Porter’s tight raw hole!

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ChaosMen: Shiloh and Spiro

Category : ChaosMen

ChaosMen thought it would be a good pairing if he tossed Spiro, the resident bossy silver daddy, in with a Shiloh, the resident cock sucker. He thought for sure that Spiro would love to get all dom on Shiloh. Instead, this video feels more like Shiloh is in control! A Bossy bottom? The guys start by stroking their own cocks, watching a video together, but Shiloh quickly goes into cock sucking mode. Spiro was totally impressed at the way Shiloh sucked his cock and rimmed his hole. Shiloh sure knows how to handle a cock! Shiloh even takes charge of the fucking, sitting on Spiro’s cock, grinding and trying to milk the load out of it!

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Sean Cody: Sean and Rowan

Category : Sean Cody

The Sean Cody cameraman reckons filming Sean and Rowan was a lot of fun. Both of these guys know how to have a good time on set and both really know how to fuck. “Who’s bottoming today Sean?” someone asked … Sean giggled like he does when he gets nervous. “I am! However, I think it’s going to be interesting cause I usually am the dominant one but Rowan thinks he’s going to be.” “So are we going to see you be a power bottom?” the cameraman asked. “Damn fucking right. Kid better fuck my arse good!” He laughed. Sean and Rowan went at it right away and Rowan did a great job at pounding out Sean’s raw hole!

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