Czech Hunter: The Twink Graffiti Artist Gets Fucked

Category : Czech Hunter

The Czech Hunter cameraman has a real thing for skater-lads, football-players and for … graffiti artists. And this week he met up with a group of sprayer guys and one was particularly cut and he couldn’t help himself … he just had to see if the guy would go for his scam. He was just 18, though he looked a bit older and when he was offered cash to show off his cock, he pulled it out straight away … then later, for more cash, he sucked our cameraman’s uncut cock and even allowed his tight virginal arsehole to get fucked bareback before finishing off with a hot cum facial!

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ChaosMen: Eli and Jake Lyons RAW

Category : ChaosMen

ChaosMen so wanted to get a pro bottom in for Eli to fuck with wild abandon, and luckily Jake was looking for more work, and he is always a voracious experienced bottom that likes to get really pounded. The kid really knows how to get fucked and Eli goes crazy finally getting a chance to fuck really hard.

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Czech Hunter: The Lad At The Train Station

Category : Czech Hunter

Train stations have always been one of the favourite hunting areas for the Czech Hunter. First of all they are crowded, usually with lots of young guys hanging around. And they still offer locations remote enough to have thrilling sex right at a station. It was a cold and rainy Czech autumn day today tho, and it took a while before our cameraman finally met the right lad. Once he had found his “man of the day”, it was now just a matter of waiting for his shyness to subside and for him to agree to participate in his immoral offers … luckily he was definitely willing to perform!

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Sean Cody: Peter and Calvin and Joshua: Bareback Threesome

Category : Sean Cody

“It’s going to be a big fuck fest of porn and holes and lube and spit and jizz!” Calvin said, attempting to describe what he anticipated for this Sean Cody shoot today. Joshua was grinning. “This is going to be so much fucking fun!” He had his hands all over Calvin and Peter. The three of them were so excited they could barely contain it. Joshua leaned in and gave Calvin a kiss. Then he turned toward the camera and asked, “So what happens now?” … “Well … Peter fucks you,” Sean said “Then Calvin fucks you. Then you fuck Calvin. Then Peter fucks Calvin … basically lots of raw ass fucking!”

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