Czech Hunter: The Student From Out Of Town

Category : Czech Hunter

The sun was shining and the Czech Hunter cameraman decided to visit the Petrin. This is a famous hill in Prague which is also a park and highly frequented by tourists, but also by many youngsters. Mainly couples, but he still wanted to try his luck. After a quick 20 minutes he found the perfect match for the day. A cute young student from Brno visiting his girlfriend in Prague. He didn’t have a part-time job and was even still living with his parents. The only thing was that he claimed not to have was time … because he was supposed to meet his girlfriend nearby in half hour. But when saw the wad of cash being offered, that quickly got his full attention! A few moments later he receive a text message that the girlfriend had missed her train … now he had some spare time, but would his nervousness and shyness prevent him from bending over for a big hard raw uncut cock?

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ChaosMen: Cooper Reed and Kenneth: Raw

Category : ChaosMen

Kenneth is a new guy at ChaosMen who is trying to step his way through his str8-man’s limits. It seems like about half of the straight guys will opt to bottom their first time out, thinking they will not be able to stay hard to top. The other half, of course, thinks it will hurt or is too gay for them. But as Kenneth’s girl already knows her way around his arse, he was not nearly as worried about bottoming as most guys are. Cooper Reed was tapped to do the honours and, like many newbies, Kenneth was not ready to kiss, or suck dick back, but at least he was willing to take a raw uncut cock up his arse!

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Broke Straight Boys: Romeo James and Anthony Hunt: Romeo Penetrates Deep Into Anthony

Category : Broke Str8 Boys

Anthony and Romeo have been living the good life, going to bars, partying, and working, but Romeo admits that his sex life has been lacking, so he’s in need of a good release, and Anthony is here at Broke Straight Boys today to help him with that! They undress pretty quick, and when the underwear come off Romeo unveils his already hard cock before going down on Anthony, giving him some delicious oral before he gets his own cock sucked in return. But with the promise of fucking Anthony’s tight little butt, he gets his dick out of Anthony’s mouth and into that tight hole, fucking him raw as Anthony moans for more!

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Broke Straight Boys: Zeno Kostas and Sebastian Wilde: Zeno Fucks The Newbie

Category : Broke Str8 Boys

Zeno Kostas and Sebastian Wilde are caught in an awkward situation … sun tanning with their cocks out … but since they’re already naked, why waste such a great opportunity … and the Broke Straight Boys camera crew said to them … to get some fucking in! All it takes is a gentle suggestion and these boys are instantly going at it, kissing and making out, sucking, rimming and then bareback fucking .. with Zeno finishing everything off with a hot creampie!

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