FraternityX: Used Hole

Category : FraternityX

Face Down, Arse Up … that’s the way the FraternityX frat bros like to fuck! They don’t want to see the bottom’s face, unless it’s sucking their cock. And no need to waste beer money on lube … just a quick bit of spit and shove it on in … that’ll fuck you up hey!

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Bare Adventures: Justin Walker and Todd

Category : Bare Adventures

Cutting straight into this Bare Adventures video action, Todd is immediately sucking on cute Justin’s growing dick, getting it 100% rock hard before he flips around, legs in the air and his hot ass ready and waiting for his raw cock to slide on in.

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Raw Fuck: Fabien Rossi Worships His Mate’s Boner

Category : Raw Fuck

Sweet-faced Fabien loves to get his mouth to work on his skater buddy’s thick, curved pole … treating him to an intense blowjob and letting his tongue run loose over his hairless chest, teasing his nipples until he’s worked up enough to drive his stiff tool deep up his tight arse. After the bare fuck the two lads wank out a load together for the Raw Fuck cameras!

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