College Dudes: Trent Ferris and Kyle Harley and Alex Jordan: Bareback Threesome

Category : College Dudes

Trent Ferris, Kyle Harley, and Alex Jordan give us an extraordinarily hot three-way in this scene from College Dudes. Alex is hungry for cock, and both Trent and Alex both love getting their dicks wet! The action begins with these three college guys making out and tugging at each others crotches, and before long both Kyle and Alex are down in Trent’s crotch and sucking him off. Then, after a few minutes of oral pleasuring all round, Alex is ready to have a cock buried deep inside his arsehole! Alex hops on Trent’s cock bareback, sliding up and down and making sure Trent is enjoying. Trent does indeed love it, and takes turn sucking Kyle and kissing Alex as he fucks Alex’s raw hole.

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Broke Straight Boys: Paul Canon Bottoms For Dimitri

Category : Broke Str8 Boys

Dimitri is a little worried about how his first time fucking a guy in the arse is going to be … but he likes to have sex, and he’s keeping an open mind, so the Broke Straight Boys crew aren’t too worried … they think he’ll do just fine. After he talks out his worries a bit, Paul and Dimitri strip right down and make out a little before Paul kneels on the bed and gets Dimitri’s mouth on his cock. Dimitri’s cock-sucking skills have improved and Paul loves it as Dimitri spits on his dick and works it with his mouth. But in order for Dimitri to get his prick hard and ready for fuckin’, he’s going to need to get some head, too. Of course, Paul knows this little fact and he goes down on Dimitri, licking his balls and sucking that meat until it’s rock-hard and ready for action. Then comes the fun part … Paul gets on all fours and sticks his butt in the air, ready and waiting for Dimitri to top him. Dimitri doesn’t hesitate to stick his dick right in and fuck Paul’s arsehole, raw and hard as Paul moans for more!

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Broke Straight Boys: Tyler and Dakota

Category : Broke Str8 Boys

Tyler and Dakota are a hot pair and their eagerness to jump right in and get naughty for the Broke Straight Boys cameras just makes them so much hotter! These two studs don’t mess around, the clothes come off and before you can count to three, Dakota’s on the bed getting his cock sucked by Tyler. But Dakota’s a generous lad and he’s more than willing to take care of Tyler’s own needs, including deep-throating his rock-hard prick! But naturally Tyler wants more, and Dakota doesn’t refuse him when he lubes up his raw throbbing cock and shoves it deep into Dakota’s tight arse!

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Broke Straight Boys: Tate Thompson and Romeo James: Bareback Flip Fuck

Category : Broke Str8 Boys

Tate and Romeo don’t waste too much time talking because they’ve got a little competition going to determine who’s more hard-core, and they’re going to use this Broke Straight Boys scene as the deciding factor! Of course, healthy competition is always a good motivator! You’ll get to see plenty of cock sucking, 69-ing, rimming, even some kissing and snow-balling … and of course a very hot flip-flop fuck from these two hot straight guys … check it out!

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