Sweet and Raw: Cuba Bartok and Peter Kyck

Category : Sweet & Raw

Cuba Bartok and Peter Kyck get their thrills by having sex near an open window. It turns them on to know that anyone walking by on the street can simply look up and see them naked and making out. Cuba and Peter put on quite a show for the Sweet and Raw cameras (and the viewing public!) … with Peter sucking Cuba before the blond twink returns the favour. Then, with Cuba facing out the window, Peter buries his face in his buddy’s arse, tonguing his sweet pink fuck-hole. Peter rims and spit lubes Cuba’s puckered starburst before penetrating him and fucking his arse right then and there … bareback!

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Czech Hunter: The Lad From The Bus Stop

Category : Czech Hunter

The Czech Hunter cameraman stopped by a local bus stop and switched on his camera. One short walk around was all the time needed to find someone willing to talk to him on camera. It was a young man who was a student of Physical Education in Prague … he guy had a friendly attitude, cute eyes and funny haircut … and, being a student, he was in need of some extra cash, and willing to do whatever it took to make heaps … check it out below!

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Broke Straight Boys: Cage Kafig Fucks Ian Dempsey: Bareback

Category : Broke Str8 Boys

Just sucking on Ian’s beast of a dick is enough to get Cage worked up, and as Ian gets on his knees and takes Cage’s meat in his mouth it just gets harder and longer until finally it’s at it’s full arse-fucking potential! The Broke Straight Boys camera crew are pretty sure you can guess what comes next … Cage’s big, long, bareback dick sliding in and out of Ian’s tight little arsehole … and you’d be correct too! Cage doesn’t go easy on him, either, as he pumps him full of his meat and positions Ian in all the right ways to ensure maximum pleasure … for him at least!

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Broke Straight Boys: Tyler White Fucks Damien Kyle: Bareback

Category : Broke Str8 Boys

Broke Straight Boys almost lost Tyler, the idea of getting fucked in the arse was almost too much for the poor guy … so the film crew reluctantly agreed to let him be the one doing the fucking … this time! And Damien, being a good sport, agreed to bottom for the little newbie! But before Tyler gets to fuck, he has to suck, and he goes down on Damien, trying so hard to deep-throat his cock but he just can’t seem to do it! He can fuck just fine tho … don’t you agree?

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