Broke Straight Boys: Dakota Ford Fucks Ian Dempsey: Raw

Category : Broke Str8 Boys

Dakota Ford, the newbie sitting next to Ian Dempsey, is listening to Ian’s re-telling of the story of his first time fucking another guy on camera for Broke Straight Boys … it took 4 hours to film, cause the poor guy simply couldn’t keep his dick hard! Dakota finds this story hysterical. But it also comforts him because it proves any anxiety on his part isn’t just his. “I don’t want to be the new guy forever,” he says to the cameraman. The talk eventually moves to Dakota’s wife and the cameraman bets she will watch the scene. “I’ll take you up on that,” Dakota replies, with a smile. Then the filming starts and the guys strip. Ian gets on the bed and Dakota slobbers all over his already hard rod. He looks up in Ian’s face as he suctions away. Even chokes a bit. “I can barely fit this in my mouth,” Dakota says! Then it’s Ian’s chance to return the favour. Not long later tho, Dakota says to Ian … “Why don’t you jump on the rocket,” So, lube is put in all the appropriate places and Ian takes a seat … bareback!

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Czech Hunter: The Lad Who Showed Off His Butt For Cash

Category : Czech Hunter

This week the Czech Hunter cameraman was looking to pick up a young guy outside the local train station. Out of the corner of his eye he spied a young lad walking away from him, so fast that he almost had to run to catch up with him. He came from a small rural Czech city and was here to visit his girlfriend. Our cameraman spun some story about how he recorded funny clips to upload on YouTube. He agreed to run across the crowded place: butt-naked and for 1,000 crowns. But how much further would he be prepared to go for some real money?

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Czech Hunter: The Guy From The Park

Category : Czech Hunter

The Czech Hunter cameraman had noticed a cute guy in the local park … he’d been watching him for almost half an hour. He was standing there alone and seemed to waiting for somebody. When he decided to approach him he found that he was not really talkative, so to break the ice he decided to offer him money for a small favour. It really took a lot of fast talking to convince him to show off his butt in the cold weather … but that was just the beginning … after moving indoors and a whole lot of cash later, the guy was on his back, legs in the air, getting his arse fucked … bareback!

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Breed Me Raw: Draven Torres Fucks Dylan Saunders

Category : Breed Me Raw

Putting two bottoms together is generally a gamble, but in the case of Dylan Saunders and Draven Torres, this gamble hit the jackpot in this scene from Breed Me Raw! The two are at each other’s bodies like starving animals the minute they meet up. After Draven gets a taste of Dylan’s hairless hole, he makes the executive decision that he’s going to be the one calling the shots as the top and Dylan has absolutely no objections. The vocal bottom can’t get face down/arse up fast enough as he demands Draven shove his raw dick into his hole. After an intense sweaty session, the two take turns stroking their cocks and blowing a much needed load!

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