Cocksure Men: Ian Murphy Barebacks Armond Rizzo

Category : Cocksure Men

Scruffy, tall and hung Ian Murphy and little, but muscular, Armond Rizzo make out in the local dive bar. Armond rubs Ian’s throbbing hard-on through his jeans. He kisses Ian’s hairy chest and makes his way down. Armond pulls out Ian’s huge cut cock and sucks on it. He manages to fit it all the way down his throat and licks Ian’s balls too. The two men kiss before Ian tongue fucks Armond’s anxious hole. Ian slides his raw pipe deep into Armond’s muscular arse one amazing inch at a time. The Cocksure Men camera crew were nearby and managed to capture all the bareback action!.

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Sweet and Raw: Kay Kawanah and Kevin Ateah

Category : Sweet & Raw

Kay Kawanah and Kevin Ateah are having FUN dancing together in thong underwear … but it also makes them horny, so these two hot young twinks from Sweet and Raw start making out together. As they kiss, they release their cocks from the confines of their underwear and Kay goes down on Kevin’s big, uncut dick. Kevin returns the favour and Kay sits back to enjoy the service while playing with Kevin’s delightfully smooth pink fuck hole. Soon tho, they move into a 69 position. and Kay decides to have a bit more fun with Kevin’s hole and pulls out a curved, vibrating toy. He proceeds to work it into Kevin’s arse. This obviously has the desired effect, because next thing you know, Kevin is bouncing up and down on Kay’s fat dick, riding him raw like the hungry cock pig that he is!

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Cocksure Men: Jake Jammer Barebacks Jacob Durham

Category : Cocksure Men

Running mates Jake Jammer and Jacob Durham finish up after a long run. Both of these Cocksure Men are all hot, sweaty and beat. Jake asks Jacob for a shoulder rub and he happily obliges. Jake takes his shirt off so Jacob can really dig his fingers deep into his sore and tight muscles. Jacob gets excited and the two jocks kiss. His shirt comes off as well, and Jake sucks his thick cock, filling his mouth. They switch and Jacob blows Jake’s long dick, deep throating it to the base. Jake moans in ecstasy as Jacob gives him the blow job of his life. Jacob is ready to get fucked bareback and climbs on top of Jake’s raw cock. Jake plugs Jacob’s hole with ease and fucks him bareback. Jacob lays on his stomach and Jake manoeuvres his raw pecker into the warm manhole.

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Broke Straight Boys: Paul Canon Fucks Johnny Forza: Bareback

Category : Broke Str8 Boys

When this latest update from Broke Straight Boys starts, the two young studs are on the the studio couch smooching it up. Shirts are tossed aside and pants unbuttoned. Johnny is rocking in pink underwear, making a few jealous of the fabric … LOL! Paul slips out of his pants, and returns to sucking face, and even slips a hand under the New Jersey stud’s pink undies to cop a feel. Soon enough, Johnny is naked, and curly-haired Paul has his mouth wide open, swallowing all of Johnny’s dick that he can. Then the two young hunks stand up, with Johnny grabbing the edge of the couch. Paul lubes up. His tool slowly finds its way into the Garden State stud’s raw hole. Once in, Paul makes each stroke balls deep. Poor Johnny doesn’t even get a chance to get used to what’s inside him. Grits his teeth and cries out loud … does it hurt … or does it feel so good?

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