BelAmiOnline: Kevin Warhol and Harris Hilton

Category : BelAmiOnline

Kevin Warhol and Harris Hilton are both sexy blond boys … and this is not the first time the boys have been together in front of the BelAmiOnline cameras, though today it is Kevin who gets to top the beautiful bubble arse of Harris … condom-free!

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Czech Hunter: Getting A Lad Into The Car

Category : Czech Hunter

The Czech Hunter cameraman hurt his legs a few weeks ago and is still using crutches … so the streets have been safe for young straight guys for a while! But he’s feeling better and decided to go out and about and try to get a guy into his car. He drove around for almost half an hour before he saw a young lad on the street and decided to stop and ask him for directions … then, of course, his true purpose was made known and he offered the young man a few 1000 crowns and a lift if he got into the car for a quick fondle and blow job … and perhaps more?

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Czech Hunter: The Lad Doing His Christmas Shopping

Category : Czech Hunter

Christmas became definitely a huge shopping event in the Czech Republic over the last couple of years. Though the shopping malls might be a paradise for children, it is sometimes a nightmare for parents … and hot young guys. The Czech Hunter cameraman finds that it’s quite easy to find lots of young guys in shopping malls these days. Today he soon found a good-looker … young and blond, wearing expensive looking clothes. Initially he was not interested in talking, and even seemed a bit pissed off, but when money appeared, he was all ears … guess what happens next!

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Sweet and Raw: Carl Baxter and Sam Brooks

Category : Sweet & Raw

Sweet and Raw model Carl Baxter is playing on the computer when fellow model Sam Brooks walks in … he’s horny and in need of cock. Dressed in his fetish gear — looking every bit the girly-boy, he entices Carl into some slow, sensual kissing that gets them both on fire. Carl sucks Sam’s cock while cupping his arse possessively then Sam, who turns into a face fucking dynamo, drops to his knees and returns the favour. Carl’s cock is enormous, only slightly bigger than Sam’s, but fatter. Carl pumps his mouth full of meat before taking possession of the twink’s sweet, pink fuckhole. He makes it his own, digging tongue and fingers in there before stuffing, pumping, and stretching the hole out with his big, thick, raw and uncut cock!

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