ChaosMen: Glenn and Spiro

Category : ChaosMen

ChaosMen really wanted to get older guy Spiro into their studio and see if he could be a Bossy mature top. Partnering him with Glenn seemed natural, what with his boyish good looks and eager arsehole, the combination worked oh so well …

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Sean Cody: Chase and Randy: Bareback

Category : Sean Cody

Two muscled straight hunks, Chase and Randy, team up over at Sean Cody for a super hot bareback fuck session … check it out!

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Straight Fraternity: Lex: Bareback

Category : Str8 Fraternity

Lex is a confident straight guy who knows both women and men want his big black dick. He lets the Straight Fraternity Webmaster blindfold him and suck on his cock, then he also lets him ride him bareback and take his load deep in his raw arse!

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