Bare Adventures: Ricky Boy and Mario Richy and John Smith

Category : Bare Adventures

It’s school time in the Bare Adventures college classroom and the two students here, tattooed Ricky and very handsome Mario, are being taught something indecipherable on the blackboard by stubbled, but still twinky, Teacher John. Teacher’s pet Ricky gets a question right, but Mario has other things on his mind, or more to the point, in his hand! Having a sly jerk off in class over his fit teacher, Mario is soon caught in the act and the game is up. Check out the bareback session that follows …

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Bareback Twink: Jerry Harris and Max Fonda: Bareback

Category : Bareback Twink

Jerry Harris is ready for his tanning session. When the booth won’t work, he calls Max Fonda into the room where they find that even though the machine isn’t working, Jerry’s cock and Max’s mouth most definitely are! These two hot twinks take turns sucking each other and making their big dicks feel good before Jerry bends Max over and gives him a good, hard, raw fuck that makes both of them explode with huge loads of cum. This scene from Bareback Twink will leave you wishing YOU could get this type of service at your local salon!

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Bare Adventures: Roy Horny and Jay Ozzy

Category : Bare Adventures

A favourite fantasy that’s come true for Bare Adventures model Jay Ozzy, heading to the doctor’s with a pain in his arse … he enters the room and there’s a damn sexy young doctor, waiting for him to strip off and show him his sore butthole! Instantly hard and fucking the doctor’s face, dark haired and tattooed Jay hits the jackpot with the insatiable Roy Horny; it must be in the name! Slurping on his patient’s stiff dick as his humps his juicy lips, this is a hot blowjob by any standards, and when they both get naked, their bodies are smooth, toned and very twinky indeed!

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Bare Adventures: Nick Daniels and Justin Walker

Category : Bare Adventures

The whole of the Czech Republic must be a building site, there is so much decorating going on, not that Bare Adventures are complaining, they get to see all the local hotties in action, and dark haired Nick and Justin are no exception! Busy with the painting, it only takes a couple of sly glances towards each other to get them to down tools and strip off and fill each other’s faces with hard uncut dick! Eager for a fucking however, Nick climbs up a ladder and exposes his pink hole to Justin, and what’s a boy to do but oblige him by sticking his bare dick into him!

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