Czech Hunter: The Lad At The Bus Stop

Category : Czech Hunter

Today the Czech Hunter cameraman met a very cute lad waiting for a bus. He seemed to be quite busy on his mobile and when the cameraman approached him he told him that he was going to visit his mum because he wanted to borrow some money. That was exactly the type of information the cameraman wanted … in fact it was just what he needed to start his little game. Can’t give away too much now: but the lad has a really nice hard-on … check it out below!

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FraternityX: Pay Back

Category : FraternityX

The FraternityX guys were fed up with Carter, he’s been playing the house heavy since he moved in there. So they tied his bitch arse up and taught him a lesson. Four dudes ducked taped his hands and mouth while Jackson pounded his hot arse. Trevor couldn’t help but suck the cum right out of Carter’s cock while he was getting force fucked. Then both dudes turned on Trevor, fucked and breed his hole too!

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Bareback Twink: Lukas and David Wood

Category : Bareback Twink

After a spirited round of soccer practice, Bareback Twink star Lukas slips and sprains an ankle. David Wood helps the pained blond twink up and, after taking him back to his place, checks to make sure nothing is broken. But even with the physical discomfort caused by a sprain isn’t enough to keep their hands off each other. Lukas not only sucks a big fat cock, he takes the uncut slab of beef up his tight pink hole and winds up drenched in cum.

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Bare Adventures: Thomas Swings and Sam Oliver

Category : Bare Adventures

It’s everyone’s favourite fantasy, a couple of topless labourers, working on your house, working up a sweat and working up a whole lot of sexual energy that they can’t control. These young men from Bare Adventures are exactly that … cute, smooth and with some delicious dicks they can’t get enough of!

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