ChaosMen: Heath and Mason: Flip Flop Fuck

Category : ChaosMen

Mason was confident he could be Top in this ChaosMen video. Tho he has no problems doing straight porn, he says he has given it up “cuz he finds the porn girls to be … off-putting”! The producer wasn’t quite so sure he could stay hard long enough the carry thru the whole shoot, so he told Heath, who is ever-hard, that he could top in one position … so this scene ended up being a raw flip flop fuck!

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Czech Hunter: The Boy With Blue Eyes

Category : Czech Hunter

Our favourite POV cameraman is out and about again, and finally – just after sunset – the Czech Hunter encountered a nice boy with wonderful blue eyes. He was a smart-ass. And indeed smart enough to accept an offer to pay him 3000 Crowns for showing off his cock. And, as he was eager for more money, when he offered to take the cameraman to an old hut in his parent’s garden, he quickly agreed. Now guess what happened this winters-day in this remote hut, huh?

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Sean Cody: Brent and Brandon: Bareback

Category : Sean Cody

Brent had his cowboy boots on. A big smile was plastered across his face … “Oh, someone’s seen Brandon!” said Sean Cody. “Yes!” he said. “I saw him outside. He’s so hot!” They hadn’t met each other officially yet, so when Brandon came in he gave Brent a big hug. Brandon was very nurturing toward Brent. He smiled and laughed and did everything he could to make the situation comfortable. It wasn’t necessary, though. Sean had guessed that Brent is a bottom and he was right!

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ChaosMen: Curtis and Joshua: RAW

Category : ChaosMen

Even tho they are both hunky and straight, ChaosMen models Curtis and Joshua have some raw fun in this seriously hot flip-flip fuck.

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