ChaosMen: Haigan and Jet: Bossy

Haigan is a dominant Top, and truly gets turned-on by making anyone be his bitch and Jet is actually quite perfect to be dominated. He had been asking for a bit more bondage in his ChaosMen shoots. Jet loves to get fucked, but there is a speed and depth that keeps him hard and shooting. Today Haigan rides him HARD! Both of them clearly got-off on their roles. Jet seemed to handle the aggressive fucking without a problem, mainly because he was so turned on by the bondage and domination. Haigan gets a chest and bicep workout doing push-ups into Jet’s ass. His body is looking amazing as he works up a sweat from the effort.

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Sean Cody: Jarek and Aidan: Bareback

Jarek has really come a long way since Sean Cody first met him. One of the things that has amazed Sean the most about his progress is his evolving penchant for cream pies! “I really like cumming in a guy’s ass,” Jarek admitted. “What is it you like the most?” Sean asked. “Man, when you cum it’s just so intense,” he said. “It’s almost too much.” … “I agree,” his partner Aidan said with a big smile on his face. “I also like to see the cum leak out,” he said. “That’s hot too!”. The other thing about Jarek is that he’s a fuck machine. He had Aidan’s ass up in the air in no time …

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Sean Cody: Miles and Alexander: Bareback

“Your lips are really sexy,” Alexander said as he was rubbing Miles’ arm. Miles laughed. “Thanks!” he said somewhat nervously. Alexander leaned in and gave him a kiss, and then another. “That was nice,” he said. The two of them seemed to be hitting it off right away. Sean Cody felt that Alexander was unaware of one minor detail though. It’s always the skinny guys who are packing the big cocks … and Miles is no exception! Alexander slowly worked his way down and he slipped off Miles’ pants. “Whoa!” he said as he saw Miles’s cock for the first time. “Damn that’s big …!”

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