ChaosMen: Stone and Vance RAW

Category : ChaosMen

Once ChaosMen saw Stone and all his natural body hair, they just had to put him with Vance so we could have a furfest! It was also Stone’s first time fucking a dude. He was pretty nervous. He likes anal sex anyway, and he chills pretty quickly. Still, you can tell it is his first time. Vance takes him through the motions, and Stone gets more and more into it. That disbelieving smile like, “I can’t believe I am actually doing this with another dude!” soon turns to the serious business of fucking. Vance has never really been keen on bottoming, but this time he liked that Stone’s cock was similar in size to his own and even got off to the oral. The guys seem to respond better if the cock is just like theirs … seems straight guys aren’t size queens!

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ChaosMen: Kent and Parker RAW

Category : ChaosMen

Kent was eager to start doing full on work, but really wanted to top again. Enter Parker, who just has a mental block on the whole bottoming thing. ChaosMen told Kent this and as he was keen on getting a new car … so Bottoms Up as they say! Parker really slowly eased himself into him and Kent took his first cock with relative ease. Kent was even surprised that his own dick stayed hard and it was making him close to cumming. He certainly nuts a huge load!

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